Plastic Welding Repair

Many plastic items can be repaired or fabricated with WeldiPlast plastic welding rods and plastic welding heater kits.  Our rods come in many shapes and sizes…from 3mm (1/8 Inch) diameter to 5mm (0.187 inch) diameter in natural, black and clear to triangular 7mm shapes in black, white and clear colors and flat shapes as well.

Here is a short list of Items that can be repaired via Plastic Welding Rods, Hot Welding Irons and Hot Air Plastic Welders:

HDPE Flat Water Kayaks

Plastic Gun Cases

Polypropylene Ammo Boxes

HDPE Gas Tanks

HDPE Water Storage Tanks

Office Products

Plastic Safes

Remote Control Housings

Plastic Tool Boxes

Custom Plastic Tank Fabrication

Car Bumper Repairs

Headlight Housings

Inner Fender Liners

Splash Shields

Rear Spoilers

Fan Shrouds

Automotive Interior Components

A Pillars

B Pillers

SnowMobile Cowls

Plastic Tanks

Camouflage Deer Blinds

Windshield washer


Radiator overflow bottles

ATV fenders

RV water storage tanks


trash cans

Automotive Grilles

Instrument panels


armrest supports

street bike fairings

RV body panels

Radiator tanks

Oil pans

valve covers

exterior trim parts



door skins

Flexible bumper Covers

filler panels

rocker panel covers

PVC Pipes

hard plastics

Taillight Housings